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For more than thirty years, The Department of Community and Government Services (CGS) has been providing planning and lands services in order to provide safe, orderly and lawful development in Nunavut. This website is intended to provide access to community plans, mapping, by-laws and guides to assist Nunavummiut with land development projects.

Community Planning

Community Planners help Municipalities prepare for changes in their communities, like new housing as the population expands, new infrastructure to support services and improved public space. Planning services provided include the review and approval of subdivision and survey plans; providing guidance on land use and community planning proposals and activities; and, assisting in the development and revision of Community Plan Bylaws, Zoning By-laws, and development standards.

Community Plans and Zoning By-laws

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Community Plan

Land Administration

The Lands Section acts as an ongoing resource to municipalities in regards to the diverse land administration issues which includes regulatory components such as the Land Administration By-laws. The mandate for land administration in Nunavut is primarily defined in the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement, Article 14, which identifies the administrative and implementation responsibilities of the Planning and Lands Division. The administrative responsibility of the Lands Section includes the maintenance of the Commissioner's Land Registry which relates to lands defined as "Commissioner's land" as outlined in Article 14 and any other lands that have not yet been registered at the Land Titles Office, preparing and overseeing various land related documents such as land leases, and assisting the local municipalities with any lands related issues that may arise. In carrying out its lands duties, the Planning and Lands Division complies with the Commissioner's Land Act and Regulations as well as established principles, practices and protocols related to land administration and management.

The Department of Community and Government Services has developed four land policies:

Some community-specific documents available for download:

Community Plan

Data & Mapping

The mapping services provided include topographical mapping of all non-tax based communities in Nunavut. Satellite imagery is acquired on a regular basis to maintain our mapping. The topographical maps can be downloaded from this website or obtained by contacting the Regional Community Planner or the Coordinator, Planning and Lands Information Systems in Kugluktuk.

Property Assessment

The Department of Community and Government Services (CGS) is responsible to enforce the Property Assessment and Taxation Act and Regulations, as they relate to property assessment. The Department of Finance is responsible for property taxation. CGS responsibilities include:

  • Property assessment on all land and improvements in Nunavut
  • Producing Notices of Assessment and Certified Assessment Rolls
  • Distributing Notices of Assessment to property owners and Certified Assessment Rolls to the Municipalities

For more information contact:

Property Assessment:

Government of Nunavut's Property Assessment and Taxation contractor
Property Assessment Office, Qikiqtaaluk Corporation
PO Box 1228, Iqaluit, NU, X0A 0H0
Phone: (867) 979-8446
Email: or


Property Taxation:

Department of Finance, Taxation Section
PO Box 2260 Iqaluit, NU, X0A 0H0
Phone: (867) 975-5837

Community Planning and Lands Management System (PALS)

The Community Planning and Lands Management System is designed to help Nunavut Land Administrators and Planners to:

  • Manage their projects (adopting by-laws, issuing permits and leases)
  • Maintain a current and comprehensive database
  • Maintain documents related to specific projects
  • Georeferencing projects

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